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Why Pharmaceutical Compounding is Great for Stroke Patients

From previously prescribed medications to new drugs need to combat stroke symptoms, stroke survivors often need to take multiple medicines as they proceed through the recovery process. While this can be difficult for a number of reasons, it can be made easier with pharmaceutical compounding. While most patients usually receive the same stock or off-the-shelf medicines everyone in the country receives, a compounding service can prepare personalised medication for the patient's specific needs. Pharmaceutical compounding offers unrivalled benefits to many groups of people; here are 3 reasons why stroke patients could benefit from it. 

Easier to Swallow

One common problem many people suffer after a stroke is difficulty swallowing (known medically as dysphagia). This usually caused by dry mouth, paralysis of the throat muscles, or both, and it can make swallowing multiple pills a day difficult. A pharmaceutical compounding service can combat this by reproducing a stroke patient's medication in a form that's easier to swallow. Depending on the patient's specific needs and difficulties, this could be a liquid, a dissolving pill, or a lolly to stimulate saliva production.

Easier to Remember

After a stroke, many survivors suffer problems with their memory. Though memory may improve as recovery progresses, it can't always be relied on. This can be a problem when it comes to taking multiple medicines at different times of the day. Stroke symptoms and other health problems can get worse if medication doses are missed, so it's important that medicines are as easy to manage as possible. With pharmaceutical compounding, necessary drugs can be produced in the right quantity and format for a stroke patient's specific conditions, condensing meds into fewer doses that can be taken less often. This reduces the risk of missed doses and makes recovery a smoother process.

Less Need for Feedback

Often, the first dose or format of a medication a patient receives is not the right one. Patients who have no difficulty communicating can easily explain to their doctor that the meds are not working for them. However, for those how have speech difficulties after a stroke, medication trial and error can be a problem. Using results from various tests, pharmaceutical compounding services can produce a stroke patient's drugs in the right quantity, form, and dosage pattern for their conditions from the very start. This eliminates the need for a patient to give feedback on whether the stock medication they've been offered is the right fit.

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